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Code of Ethics

  • I will treat all information that is shared with me as private and confidential, unless otherwise requested by the client or a court of law.

  • All clients will be treated equally and with respect.

  • I will be open-minded, honest and non-judgmental.

  • Readings aim to help the client to take charge of their own life.

  • Without the written approval of a parent or guardian I will not read for minors.

  • Readings cannot be given about anyone other than the client and questions relating to third parties will be declined.

  • I will always give my full attention to my clients in order that I can fully understand and appreciate their questions.

  • I will not attempt to predict winning lottery numbers or interpret any reading to represent death or illness.

  • I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.

  • I will recommend clients consult a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature that I am not qualified to provide.

  • All fees will be discussed and paid in advance.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading not adhering to my code of ethics.

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